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Three Movies Out Now To See If You Love Happy Endings

Everyone loves a good happy ending right? However, your standard film where the protagonist gets exactly what he or she wants is no longer a quick and easy way to satisfy the audience. In today’s world movie goers demand creativity and plot twists with relatable content that tells a unique story- one that perhaps opens the viewers eyes to current events and human condition. Here are three movies out now to see if you love happy endings.


  1. Won’t you be my neighbor


Telling the story of the great Mr. Rogers, this documentary takes a close look at Fred Rogers who was a pioneer in children’s television and helped motivate both children and adults alike to take on a new perspective of what it means to be human and kind to one another. The film chronicles his life, his choices, and ultimately the creative genius that lead to millions of children being blessed with his positive influence.


  1. RBG

The initials stand for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the female Supreme Court Justice who rose to pop culture fame with her amazing story, her legal dissents, and her trailblazing life that has empowered women everywhere. This documentary instills hope into those fighting for equality and women’s rights and leaves the viewer feeling positive.



  1. Avengers: Infinity War


Ok, so this movie doesn’t end on a particularly happy ending. Out of all the movies out now, Infinity War really depends on your perspective. In our current political climate, with fighting, war, social equality, and other human issues keeping us up at night it is not hard to understand why Thanos- the antagonist in this film- would want to see half the Universe destroyed and half of humanity along with it. Depending on your perspective, you either side with the Avengers or with Thanos eradicating the human scourge of the planet.


Watch one of these three movies if you want to end your film on a positive note.


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The Trivia Buff’s Guide To Superhero Movies

Superhero movies can be simultaneously some of the most entertaining and thought provoking films. By combining comic book canon with contemporary dilemmas, these films can take their plot lines and subtext to new and relevant levels. Here are some concepts to understand when you watch one- The trivia buff’s guide to superhero movies.

  1. They contain multiple plots

  There may be multiple plots interwoven into the main storyline so be prepared to do some research. It is not uncommon for directors to assume you have some background information on the characters based on the comic book series and to interweave stories that can sometimes spin off and become superhero movies themselves.

  1. They are based off comics

 Many filmgoers have been waiting years to see adaptations of their favorite character and heroes in theaters and many current characters are usually based of off popular comic book series.  It makes the movies more exciting when various cast members play certain roles as well.

  1. They are fun

Just like people enjoy reading comics, movie goers enjoy watching their favorite superheroes on the big screen as well. Full of adventure and interesting plot lines, fans enjoy reading about, watching, and discussing the films afterwards.

  1. They speak to the current social climate

 Often the best movies speak and comment on the current social climate and state of society. Some movies touch on human rights and others on political struggles, and yet some simply speak to a universal call for humanities consciousness evolution and peace on earth.

  1. They contain themes

Action films can still have substance. A good action flick will contain multiple ones and touch on some of the deep universal meanings of the human condition. Themes from old Greek mythologies and even Shakespearean-like plots will delight even the most critical of film watchers.

Use this guide to help you understand the newest films that are released in this genre.

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Five Secrets To Ordering Your First Craft Beer


With some timeless exceptions, the food and drink consumers of the world have tastes that adapt, change, and evolve very rapidly. Keeping up can seem like a nearly impossible task but some companies manage to do it, and where there are vacancies in the industry, other niche companies come in to sweep up the market share. The world of beer is no different. Locally crafted brews are taking the industry by storm but there is much to learn about the different styles, flavors, and varieties. Here are five secrets to ordering your first craft beer.

  1. Select the style of beer.

There are different categories of beer. Before, they could be simplified overall into ales and lagers but now there are many more different styles. In general, ales and lagers make up a majority of the lighter to medium bodied beers you can find. They range from India Pale ales also known as IPAs to amber ales and bocks. It can quickly get confusing and some people prefer to list them from lights to darks.

  1. Lighter beers or darker?

To simplify things, some drinkers prefer brews that are lighter and others tend to gravitate towards the darker and heartier ones. This is a good starting place to understand which style you may prefer. Lighter craft beer can be bright, light, and full of citrus- perfect for hotter temperatures and climates or days spent at the pool. Darker beers such as porters and stouts may go well during other seasons, with food, or all by themselves with a light snack or appetizer. These brews are full bodied with incredible flavor, higher alcohol content, and more complex.

  1. Pairing with food

Depending on if you are drinking a beer solo or pairing with food, you may want to be more selective with your choice. Some beers are designed to pair well with certain dishes while others were created for pure beer drinking pleasure only. Regardless, they can all be mixed and matched and paired accordingly. Keep this in mind when ordering your drink.

  1. Alcohol Content

Lighter beers will have less alcohol content and allow you to enjoy them more for refreshment. For example, a hot summer day at the pool may be better suited to a bright citrus beer or a wheat beer. Sitting around a fire on a winter day will likely be better suited to a dark stout or porter meant to be savored and not so much drank in quantity.

  1. Ask a professional

Are there professional beer drinkers? Absolutely! There are also plenty of restaurant workers, servers, bartenders, friends, and forums to advise you and guide you to the beers that will quickly become your favorites.

Use this guide the next time you decide to try some local brews.

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Three Questions To Answer Before Taking Your Date To A Movie Grill


Almost everyone remembers their first date. It is usually an experience one never forgets, whether it goes off without a hitch or ends up as a total disaster. Seeing a quality film is always a safe bet when it comes to first date options, but what film should you see and where? Here are three questions to answer before taking your date to a movie grill.


  1. What type of movie does your date like?


While many people enjoy a good drama or action/adventure movie, not everyone can handle certain genres. For example, before booking a horror movie as your first date night, you may want to check in and make sure your date won’t be mortified the entire time. Usually, checking some critics’ reviews and reading over the synopsis of a movie can help get you in the right mind set to make a quality decision about which movie will be best for you and your date. If all else fails, simply ask and plan your first night out together! This way you each will get to see something you approve of and you won’t have any surprises after getting to the theater.


  1. Dinner and a movie all in one?


Should you see a movie before or after going out to dinner? Typically, couples will make reservations to see a movie after they have dinner, but now a days this can lead to a stressful situation if the reservations are not ready in time or if the service is slower than expected. Now there is a third option- see a movie and have dinner all in one! Now top quality theaters serve food, drinks, and desserts during their showings so you no longer have to stress out about coordinating movies and dinners. Simply book your tickets at a movie grill and enjoy!


  1. Nightcap?


After a particularly interesting movie, you may want to go out for a final drink to discuss the plot, cinematography, acting, etc. Now with a quality cinema, you can have everything you need all in one place. After dinner and while the movie is finishing up, enjoy craft brewed beers and take some time to wind down after the show!



Dinner and a movie is not more simple than ever! Make your next date night a great one by combining dinner and a movie all into one!


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Five Cool Facts About Current Movies

Films today have made strides in every possible way. From dialogue, acting, directing, and actual film and tv quality, to better special effects, and more realistic costume designs, films today have reached a new level of artistry. Here are five cool facts about current movies.


  1. They have better dialogue


Movies in the past tended to have subpar dialogue compared to our current standards. Dialogue was overly expositional with plenty of cheesy one liners and simplified emotional climaxes that made the acting a bit harder for the actors of that time. However, the simplified dialogue and slight cheesiness contributes to the character of older movies. Much like how plays and live performances are full of extra dramatic performances.


  1. More realistic subject matter


Movies today are able to be much more expressive due to a better collective consciousness regarding real subject matter. Each generation has its taboos, but today we find many more movies pushing really heavy yet important subject matter in its themes and plot lines. The ability to be more blunt and real allows for movies to reach new emotional highs.


  1. Better acting


Let’s face it, the acting we see today cannot be compared to the acting of the past. Current movies today can show a much wider range of emotions due to the better subject matter and writing that the scripts include. With better performances comes a deeper connection with the characters.


  1. Incredible Special Effects


The special effects in movies today have reached a level of realism never reached in human history. The realism continues to improve as the technology improves. Today, films can have more realistic explosions, gunshots, recreation of worlds both in the past and in the future, as well as CGI tricks that make the impossible possible.


  1. Screen quality


With high definition, all that hard work making a film can be fully expressed with the vibrant cameras and screens we currently have. Today we can reach a new level of realism that propels the emotional content of a good movie deep into our psyche.


Use these 5 facts to explain to your friends why films have improved from the past.


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How to Find Movie Theaters Near Me That Offer Something Extra


Everyone enjoys watching films. Whether staying in and cuddling with your special someone or pet or going out to the cinema on a first date, seeing a good flick can be a great way to spend time and stimulate interesting conversation. If you are considering taking someone to the cinema but want something extra, look no further. Here is how to find movie theaters near me that offer something extra.


  1. Check your local newspaper


Depending on where you live, your city or town may have its own unique cinema. Many of these are beginning to offer new and improved viewing experiences which may include reclining seats that you can adjust as you live while watching the show. Others are known for big sound systems and yet others are smaller and more cozy, meant to cater to indie films with panel discussions following shortly after.


  1. Look online


If you do not have access to a local newspaper to see what local movie theaters near me exist, you can try simply going online. Many popular cinemas and chains have their own web sites that allow you to purchase movie tickets, check times, read reviews, and even see the amenities that are provided.


  1. Look for a cinema restaurant


Today, going to see a movie now includes the dinner portion of the date. You can get everything you could ask for including beer, amazing appetizers, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, shakes, and amazing desserts. The cinema grill gives film-goers the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal while watching their favorite new release all at once. If you are looking for a truly unique experience, check your local resources or online to see if you have one of these near you.


Use these 3 tips to help you find the exact film experience you are searching for.


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Classic Films To Watch If You Really Love Romance

Romantic comedies, otherwise known as rom-coms, continue to be created and marketed to the masses to this day. Many make just enough at the box office to create small profits and every now and again a new epic romantic movie strikes a chord with the times and leads to a mega blockbuster, such as Titanic. These classic romantic flicks usually harken back to the romantic classics. Not familiar with a classic romantic movie? Here are some classic films to watch if you really love romance.

  1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This classic romance goes down as one of the quintessential films to watch if you truly enjoy a story about love. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, starring Audrey Hepburn and based on the Truman Capote novel, is about Holly Golightly, a wealth obsessed high end escort who exchanges all of her time for payment. While trying to live her rich lifestyle and find lucrative opportunities to marry into wealth. Her life is changed when she meets a writer, Paul Varjak, who is living off a sugar momma in the same expensive apartment complex. The two quickly become friends and begin to explore what it takes to love and have security at the same time.

  1. Casa Blanca

Taking place during World War II, this movie tells the story of Rick Blaine, an exiled American who runs the hippest night club in Casablanca, Morocco where refugees frequently seek a safe haven and opportunities to escape via transit letters. Things take a turn for the worst after two German soldiers turn up dead. With authorities hot on his trail and the love of his life mysteriously appears back in his life, things get more complicated than he could have ever foreseen.

  1. Gone with the wind

This movie tells the tale of Scarlett O’Hara and her life during a particularly dangerous period of America’s history. As the love of her life marries someone else, Scarlett decides to marry herself prior to a great war beginning. Scarlett finds herself a widow later on and still seeks the love of her life- a relationship that seems doomed from the very beginning. Highlighting survivalist instincts and the counterintuitive means and ends that love and survival can entail, Gone with the wind truly makes you think about romance from a different perspective.

Choose any of these movies for a great romance film to watch with your significant other.

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Three 20th Century Superhero Movies You Should See Again


Comic book films have been around for much longer than many realize. Ask anyone which comic book films they have seen recently and many will respond with recent renditions of Marvel and DC comic book series. However, many current flicks are simply remakes of original films that came out some time ago. Here are three 20th century superhero movies you should see again soon!


  1. Superman


The original Superman came out in 1978 and starred Christopher Reeve as the main protagonist Superman who survives the destruction of his planet Krypton by barely escaping.  Raised on planet earth by his foster parents, Clark Kent discovers his powers and devotes his life to helping humanity in the bustling city of Metropolis. When criminal genius Lex Luthor surfaces, it is up to Superman to save the day.


  1. Batman


In the fictitious city of Gotham, the crime boss Carl Grissom runs all the illicit activities with his right hand man Jack Napier. When Carl decides to sell Jack out and let him get captured by the police, his downfall creates the Joker- a ruthless and insane criminal mastermind who wrecks chaos in the city. Soon Batman must not only save the city of Gotham, but he must save the love of his life Vicki Vale. A classic in superhero movies. 


  1. RoboCop


When Omni Corp decides to save a nearly apocalyptic Detroit through the use of privatized cyborg police forces, the company gets greedy and lures police officer Alex Murphy into a losing situation with a ruthless crime boss. Using his body as the prototype for their police cyborgs, Omni doesn’t plan on the cyborg RoboCop turning on their creators after he learns the truth.


Check out any of these old school films to catch a glimpse of what comic book based movies used to be like.


To learn more about superhero movies, check out

Five Films To Watch Before You Have Kids

films to watch


Movies can have a way of changing your perspective for the better, especially if you are about to go through a major life event. Having children can be difficult, but after these movies, you may have a new perspective on things. Here are five films to watch before you have kids.



  1. Home Alone


Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin, is a young and bratty 8 year-old who accidently gets left behind when his incredibly large family leaves for a family trip to Paris, France. Having previously wished his annoying family to vanish, Kevin believes his dreams have come true until a couple of a burglars begin to terrorize his neighborhood and pick the wrong house and wrong boy to mess with.


  1. Finding Nemo


Marlin is over protective of his son Nemo, and for good reason. When Nemo is caught by a diver, Marlin must embark on a journey to get him back. He teams up with Dory, played by Ellen DeGeneres, who suffers from memory loss and lapses. Things get interesting when the two team up to rescue Nemo.


  1. The Lion King


Simba, the son of Mufasa, must grow up and take on all the responsibility of his inherited kingdom. However, Scar, Simba’s evil and back stabbing uncle, has other plans. Simba blames himself for the death of Mufasa and must battle himself and Scar to lead the lions back to prosperity. This movie is one of the top films to watch!


  1. The Goonies

Things get interesting when two brothers find a mysterious treasure map and embark on a journey to find it. Hunted by a group of bad guys who also want the treasure, the story of a lifetime unfolds.


  1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


Charlie Bucket, a very poor paper boy, becomes enamored with the idea of winning one of the five coveted golden tickets being given away by Willy Wonka. Upon finding the last golden ticket, Charlie – accompanied by his bedridden uncle – enter the world of Wonka and get more than they bargained for.


These five cult favorites are the perfect movies to watch prior to having your own children.


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