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Classic Films To Watch If You Really Love Romance

classic films

Romantic comedies, otherwise known as rom-coms, continue to be created and marketed to the masses to this day. Many make just enough at the box office to create small profits and every now and again a new epic romantic movie strikes a chord with the times and leads to a mega blockbuster, such as Titanic. These classic romantic flicks usually harken back to the romantic classics. Not familiar with a classic romantic movie? Here are some classic films to watch if you really love romance.

  1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This classic romance goes down as one of the quintessential films to watch if you truly enjoy a story about love. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, starring Audrey Hepburn and based on the Truman Capote novel, is about Holly Golightly, a wealth obsessed high end escort who exchanges all of her time for payment. While trying to live her rich lifestyle and find lucrative opportunities to marry into wealth. Her life is changed when she meets a writer, Paul Varjak, who is living off a sugar momma in the same expensive apartment complex. The two quickly become friends and begin to explore what it takes to love and have security at the same time.

  1. Casa Blanca

Taking place during World War II, this movie tells the story of Rick Blaine, an exiled American who runs the hippest night club in Casablanca, Morocco where refugees frequently seek a safe haven and opportunities to escape via transit letters. Things take a turn for the worst after two German soldiers turn up dead. With authorities hot on his trail and the love of his life mysteriously appears back in his life, things get more complicated than he could have ever foreseen.

  1. Gone with the wind

This movie tells the tale of Scarlett O’Hara and her life during a particularly dangerous period of America’s history. As the love of her life marries someone else, Scarlett decides to marry herself prior to a great war beginning. Scarlett finds herself a widow later on and still seeks the love of her life- a relationship that seems doomed from the very beginning. Highlighting survivalist instincts and the counterintuitive means and ends that love and survival can entail, Gone with the wind truly makes you think about romance from a different perspective.

Choose any of these movies for a great romance film to watch with your significant other.

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Three 20th Century Superhero Movies You Should See Again


Comic book films have been around for much longer than many realize. Ask anyone which comic book films they have seen recently and many will respond with recent renditions of Marvel and DC comic book series. However, many current flicks are simply remakes of original films that came out some time ago. Here are three 20th century superhero movies you should see again soon!


  1. Superman


The original Superman came out in 1978 and starred Christopher Reeve as the main protagonist Superman who survives the destruction of his planet Krypton by barely escaping.  Raised on planet earth by his foster parents, Clark Kent discovers his powers and devotes his life to helping humanity in the bustling city of Metropolis. When criminal genius Lex Luthor surfaces, it is up to Superman to save the day.


  1. Batman


In the fictitious city of Gotham, the crime boss Carl Grissom runs all the illicit activities with his right hand man Jack Napier. When Carl decides to sell Jack out and let him get captured by the police, his downfall creates the Joker- a ruthless and insane criminal mastermind who wrecks chaos in the city. Soon Batman must not only save the city of Gotham, but he must save the love of his life Vicki Vale. A classic in superhero movies. 


  1. RoboCop


When Omni Corp decides to save a nearly apocalyptic Detroit through the use of privatized cyborg police forces, the company gets greedy and lures police officer Alex Murphy into a losing situation with a ruthless crime boss. Using his body as the prototype for their police cyborgs, Omni doesn’t plan on the cyborg RoboCop turning on their creators after he learns the truth.


Check out any of these old school films to catch a glimpse of what comic book based movies used to be like.


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Five Films To Watch Before You Have Kids

films to watch


Movies can have a way of changing your perspective for the better, especially if you are about to go through a major life event. Having children can be difficult, but after these movies, you may have a new perspective on things. Here are five films to watch before you have kids.



  1. Home Alone


Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin, is a young and bratty 8 year-old who accidently gets left behind when his incredibly large family leaves for a family trip to Paris, France. Having previously wished his annoying family to vanish, Kevin believes his dreams have come true until a couple of a burglars begin to terrorize his neighborhood and pick the wrong house and wrong boy to mess with.


  1. Finding Nemo


Marlin is over protective of his son Nemo, and for good reason. When Nemo is caught by a diver, Marlin must embark on a journey to get him back. He teams up with Dory, played by Ellen DeGeneres, who suffers from memory loss and lapses. Things get interesting when the two team up to rescue Nemo.


  1. The Lion King


Simba, the son of Mufasa, must grow up and take on all the responsibility of his inherited kingdom. However, Scar, Simba’s evil and back stabbing uncle, has other plans. Simba blames himself for the death of Mufasa and must battle himself and Scar to lead the lions back to prosperity. This movie is one of the top films to watch!


  1. The Goonies

Things get interesting when two brothers find a mysterious treasure map and embark on a journey to find it. Hunted by a group of bad guys who also want the treasure, the story of a lifetime unfolds.


  1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


Charlie Bucket, a very poor paper boy, becomes enamored with the idea of winning one of the five coveted golden tickets being given away by Willy Wonka. Upon finding the last golden ticket, Charlie – accompanied by his bedridden uncle – enter the world of Wonka and get more than they bargained for.


These five cult favorites are the perfect movies to watch prior to having your own children.


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Event Cinemas The Whole Family Will Love



Movie theaters have taken the movie going experience to a whole new level over the last decade or so. Constant improvement and innovation has led to some of the best movie experiences you can imagine. Everything from surround sound pumping out of high quality speakers, to reclining seats, and even food and drink service. Now and again there are events that are perfect fun for the whole family. Here are event cinemas the whole family will love.


  1. A nightmare before Christmas


This movie by Tim Burton is perfect for event cinemas wanting to have a fun Halloween show. Viewers can dress up in their favorite costumes or themed according to the movie and can purchase snacks and food items made especially for the film.


  1. Elf


Elf is a hilarious movie starring Will Ferrell as one of Santa’s elves who ends up realizing he is a human and must return to New York City to find his Dad. The movie is filled with many hilarious sequences that are both funny for adults and children alike. An event showing of Elf would be perfect for a Christmas showing.


  1. Home Alone


Macaulay Culkin stars as Kevin McCallister, an 8 year old who is accidentally left alone during a family vacation. Kevin decides to enjoy his newfound freedom until a pair of crooks who enjoy robbing the neighborhood homes decides to target Kevin’s house. Fighting for his survival Kevin takes things into his own hands. A classic that never fails to satisfy, this movie has adults and kids belly laughing from start to finish.


Events at a theater are becoming more common, especially at the best theaters around. Check out your nearest cinema to see what movies and events are showing near you.


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Three Films To Watch Before You Turn 40


Movies can leave impressions on you for a lifetime. I remember going to see a movie as a young kid and coming out of the theater as though I had been bestowed with easily digestible wisdom. That movie was the first on the list of the three films to watch before you turn 40.



  1. Forrest Gump


Beginning in Greenbow, Alabama, this movie takes you through the life of Forrest, an awkward boy with a crooked back and a bad speech impediment. He scores low on an IQ test and doesn’t seem to be worth anything according to the standards of modern society. However, Forrest shocks everyone with his many various talents and his open heart that seem to lead him on never ending adventures. Filled with laughs, sadness, and real life lessons- Forrest Gump is a must watch film.


  1. The Godfather


The Godfather is sometimes regarded as one of the best films ever made. It focuses on the life and struggle of an influential and powerful Italian-American mafia family of Don Vito Corleone- played by Marlon Brando. Al Pacino stars as Don’s youngest son who initially is reluctant to go into the family business. His entanglements see him plunging into a world of violence, crime, murder, and betrayal. This movie does a great job of showing the personal struggles of those who find themselves involved in crime families. A must on your films to watch.


  1. The Shawshank Redemption


Based on the novel by Stephen King, about Andy Dufresne, played by Tim Robbins, who is accused and sentenced for the murders of his wife and her lover. He must do hard time in a maximum security prison where, despite his innocence, he is punished relentlessly by fellow prisoners and crooked prison guards alike. He finds away to use his intellect to create allies and eventually seek his own form of justice.


See these movies before you turn 40 or else you will have to watch them while you’re even older than that. It would be a tragedy.


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Three Ways to Find Movie Theatres Near Me

Empty movie theater

If you have lived in a place for awhile, you likely know where the nearest grocery store is, the nearest gas station, and the nearest cinema. You have to have the essentials covered and enjoy yourself if you are going to make it in this fast paced and busy world! Here are three ways to find movie theatres near me.


  1. Online searches


Everyone has a computer today. Simply go online and type in a movie and you will get search responses that tell you where the movie is playing and which theater is closest to you. There will be links to each time slot and even other links to purchase tickets or reserve seats.


  1. Smart phone apps


Use your smartphone to save time. By using an app you can customize your movie searching experience. Not only can you search for where movie theatres near me are, you can even set the application to alert you when movie tickets are available or when seating is about to fill up. Use technology to your advantage and don’t waste time wondering what to do.


  1. Ask somebody


You likely are in contact with people each and everyday. From roommates, neighbors, coworkers, to acquaintances around the areas you frequent somewhere there is a movie lover. Simply ask them where their favorite theater is and jot down the address.


Use these three easy ways to find out where you should see your next movie and spend some time out and about for a change.


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Five Films To Watch With Your True Love

cult films

There are many romantic movies to watch with your special loved one. With these older cult films, you absolutely cannot go wrong. Here are five films to watch with your true love.


  1. When Harry Met Sally


This movie tells the story of Harry Burns and Sally Albright, two college graduates who share a cab ride together in which they argue about male and female friendship and if it can every last before becoming “complicated.” A decade later, the two reunite and begin an up and down tumultuous friendship that puts the theory of their first conversation to the test.


  1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


When Clementine goes through a brutal break up with Joel, she seeks out a procedure to erase all of her memories regarding him and their relationship. Upon hearing this, Joel sets out to do the same but finds out during the process that his memories of her may be more precious than he had ever realized. One of the greats in films to watch for a romantic date.


  1. The princess bride


In this adventure filled fairy tale story read by a grandpa to his grandson, a prince must rescue the love of his life all the while engaging in sword fights and befriending a motley crew of accomplices.


  1. Donnie Darko


Taking place in the classic America suburbs, Donnie figures out the secrets of space, time, and how to bend it. He becomes fascinated in the irony and hypocrisy of everyday life and takes matters into his own hands when the powers of fear over power love in his peaceful suburban neighborhood. One of the best films to watch. 


  1. Harold and Maude


This romantic black comedy lives up to the test of time. Maude, an eclectic and eccentric older woman develops a strong bond and friendship with Maude, a young adult with an extreme obsession with death and suicide. Their friendship soon blossoms into a romance to the dismay of his family but there is nothing anyone can do- until Maude’s final act.


These movies of love and romance make for the perfect evening with your true love.


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Three Cult Movies To Watch With Your Kids


Some films are simply works of art that for whatever reason touched the hearts and minds of viewers when they came out and then continued to do so for generations and generations to come. These movies developed cult followings and went beyond being classics, they became “cult films.” Here are three cult movies to watch with your kids.


  1. The Breakfast Club


The movie the continues to be a cathartic film for high school aged teenagers everywhere, The Breakfast Club tells the story of five students who are all sent to detention. At first they treat each other according to their own labels, self-assigned or given. They argue and bicker over little things. Later though, they realize they are more similar than they could have ever thought. As their detention comes to a close, so do their prejudices towards one another.


  1. The Sandlot


The Sandlot is another coming-of-age film, one of the best cult movies made for baseball fans. When Scotty Smalls wants to make friends and learn to play baseball, he befriends Benny “the jet” and becomes friends with a whole motley crew of baseball obsessed kids. However, problems start when their baseball, signed by Babe Ruth, gets hit into a backyard inhabited by The Beast. How will they explain that they lost the famous ball? Will they attempt to retrieve it and get eaten by the biggest dog they have ever seen? You will have to watch to find out.



  1. The Goonies


This next film can be a little scary for those who are too young, however it is the perfect blend of adventure and comedy with a little bit of mystery blended in. When a small group of pre-teens finds an old Spanish map that points to a hidden treasure, the group decides to embark upon the biggest adventure of their lives. They won’t be alone though. A sneaky criminal family is hot on their trails and wants the treasure all to themselves.


The cult films will continue to keep enchanting generations to come. Do yourself a favor and enjoy them again, with your family!


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3 Easy Ways To Discover Which Movies Out Now Are Playing Near You



We are bombarded with news and information on a daily basis. Even the things we love such as music and movies come at us a mile a minute. We may not always have time to keep up on all the newest reviews or even know which movies are currently playing in which theaters, however, with the internet we can always quickly and easily look up with films are available in our area, complete with critic and audience reviews. Here are 3 easy ways to discover which movies out now are playing near you.


  1. Follow a favorite movie blog


There are many bloggers and writers who run their own movie review sites. If there is a particular genre you are interested in, i.e. video game movies and remakes, you just may be able to subscribe to a critic you trust. Otherwise, there are entertainment sections for online newspapers and the site Rotten Tomatoes which does an excellent job of aggregating critic reviews and audience reviews alike.


  1. Check in your local newspaper


Local newspapers are a great way to read about new releases and movies out now. Not only can you get the perspective of what your local critic and audience members thought of a film, you can usually comment and participate on comment forums as well. Most film sections even have links to dates and times of movies playing in your local area. How convenient!


  1. Check online review sites or the theater website


Many movie review sites such as IMDB and MetaCritic are available to help you sort through ratings for any movie you are curious about. These sites will even go back and rate movies from the past so you can see a historical timeline of rankings. Usually you can also go visit the website of the theater itself for information about the film as well as showing times.


With todays online capabilities it is easier than ever to get all the information you want on a particular flick and make the best choices possible.


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