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Three Cult Movies To Watch With Your Kids


Some films are simply works of art that for whatever reason touched the hearts and minds of viewers when they came out and then continued to do so for generations and generations to come. These movies developed cult followings and went beyond being classics, they became “cult films.” Here are three cult movies to watch with your kids.


  1. The Breakfast Club


The movie the continues to be a cathartic film for high school aged teenagers everywhere, The Breakfast Club tells the story of five students who are all sent to detention. At first they treat each other according to their own labels, self-assigned or given. They argue and bicker over little things. Later though, they realize they are more similar than they could have ever thought. As their detention comes to a close, so do their prejudices towards one another.


  1. The Sandlot


The Sandlot is another coming-of-age film, one of the best cult movies made for baseball fans. When Scotty Smalls wants to make friends and learn to play baseball, he befriends Benny “the jet” and becomes friends with a whole motley crew of baseball obsessed kids. However, problems start when their baseball, signed by Babe Ruth, gets hit into a backyard inhabited by The Beast. How will they explain that they lost the famous ball? Will they attempt to retrieve it and get eaten by the biggest dog they have ever seen? You will have to watch to find out.



  1. The Goonies


This next film can be a little scary for those who are too young, however it is the perfect blend of adventure and comedy with a little bit of mystery blended in. When a small group of pre-teens finds an old Spanish map that points to a hidden treasure, the group decides to embark upon the biggest adventure of their lives. They won’t be alone though. A sneaky criminal family is hot on their trails and wants the treasure all to themselves.


The cult films will continue to keep enchanting generations to come. Do yourself a favor and enjoy them again, with your family!


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3 Easy Ways To Discover Which Movies Out Now Are Playing Near You



We are bombarded with news and information on a daily basis. Even the things we love such as music and movies come at us a mile a minute. We may not always have time to keep up on all the newest reviews or even know which movies are currently playing in which theaters, however, with the internet we can always quickly and easily look up with films are available in our area, complete with critic and audience reviews. Here are 3 easy ways to discover which movies out now are playing near you.


  1. Follow a favorite movie blog


There are many bloggers and writers who run their own movie review sites. If there is a particular genre you are interested in, i.e. video game movies and remakes, you just may be able to subscribe to a critic you trust. Otherwise, there are entertainment sections for online newspapers and the site Rotten Tomatoes which does an excellent job of aggregating critic reviews and audience reviews alike.


  1. Check in your local newspaper


Local newspapers are a great way to read about new releases and movies out now. Not only can you get the perspective of what your local critic and audience members thought of a film, you can usually comment and participate on comment forums as well. Most film sections even have links to dates and times of movies playing in your local area. How convenient!


  1. Check online review sites or the theater website


Many movie review sites such as IMDB and MetaCritic are available to help you sort through ratings for any movie you are curious about. These sites will even go back and rate movies from the past so you can see a historical timeline of rankings. Usually you can also go visit the website of the theater itself for information about the film as well as showing times.


With todays online capabilities it is easier than ever to get all the information you want on a particular flick and make the best choices possible.


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5 Kinds Of Flicks That Make Absolutely Perfect Date Night Movies


There are many types of movies out there for you to choose from when you decide on what to see for your next date. Which movies should you choose? It all depends on you and your date’s preferences and what you mutually enjoy. Here are 5 kinds of flicks that make absolutely perfect date night movies.


  1. Action


Some people simply want to enjoy watching a fury of action on screen while the theater shakes from surround sound rumbling every time an explosion erupts on screen. That is ok! When you can’t decide, at least the movie will be high octane with a good action film.


  1. Romantic Comedies


Depending on the seriousness of your current relationship and whether or not you want to laugh, cry, or both, a romantic comedy can give you a more silly yet emotionally charged experience.


  1. Disney or Pixar


Disney and Pixar movies have it all. Humor, inside jokes, funny characters and voices, and amazing CGI and rendering on top of great storylines. If you and your date want to keep the night lighthearted a good “kids” film is the perfect date night movies.


  1. Horror


If you want to jump in your seat or run to your lover’s warm embrace for protection, a horror date night movie is the way to go. If this isn’t your first date and you want to test the waters, a horror flick will let you know if he or she wants to cuddle up close. Or, perhaps they are just scared.


  1. Documentaries


For the intellectual couple who would love to spend an evening analyzing and discussing a documentary can provide the source material you need. While not many documentaries come through most main stream theaters, the few that do are usually critically acclaimed and very thought provoking.


All types of films are perfect for a date night. It all depends on what you and your date enjoy and what kind of first impression you want to make.


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How To Pick A Date Night Movie For A First Date


Going on a first date is both the most fun yet horrifying experience one can have if you are not prepared. For many, the first date consists of a dinner and something fairly low key such as a seeing a movie. However, once you ask your date out to see one the next question arises. What movie should you see? Here is a guide on how to pick a date night movie for a first date.


  1. Know your audience


First, get to know a few things about your date first. There are many genres of movies covering all sorts of interests from sci-fi, horror, to drama and action. Spend some time talking with your date about what they like and enjoy or try to recall your first few conversations and find a movie that connects with their interests. Once you do that you can begin looking at what movies are out and reading a small synopsis of the plot of various movies.



  1. Check the reviews


Once you have narrowed down your selection to a few movies, you should do a little research to see which movies deliver. There are many websites that rank and rate movies by criteria. For example; was the movie original? Was it exciting? Did it stick to the plot if it was based on a book? All these questions can be answered with some light research online. This can keep you from seeing a date night movie that is absolutely horrible. However, sometimes that is fun as well!


  1. Pick a great theater


Now-a-days movie-goers have many different cinemas to choose from. Make sure you select an awesome theater that has delicious food and drinks. If you do, you may not have to make a second trip before or after the movie to eat! Win-win.


Use these tips the next time you plan on taking your date out to a movie for the first date.


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