5 Kinds Of Flicks That Make Absolutely Perfect Date Night Movies


There are many types of movies out there for you to choose from when you decide on what to see for your next date. Which movies should you choose? It all depends on you and your date’s preferences and what you mutually enjoy. Here are 5 kinds of flicks that make absolutely perfect date night movies.


  1. Action


Some people simply want to enjoy watching a fury of action on screen while the theater shakes from surround sound rumbling every time an explosion erupts on screen. That is ok! When you can’t decide, at least the movie will be high octane with a good action film.


  1. Romantic Comedies


Depending on the seriousness of your current relationship and whether or not you want to laugh, cry, or both, a romantic comedy can give you a more silly yet emotionally charged experience.


  1. Disney or Pixar


Disney and Pixar movies have it all. Humor, inside jokes, funny characters and voices, and amazing CGI and rendering on top of great storylines. If you and your date want to keep the night lighthearted a good “kids” film is the perfect date night movies.


  1. Horror


If you want to jump in your seat or run to your lover’s warm embrace for protection, a horror date night movie is the way to go. If this isn’t your first date and you want to test the waters, a horror flick will let you know if he or she wants to cuddle up close. Or, perhaps they are just scared.


  1. Documentaries


For the intellectual couple who would love to spend an evening analyzing and discussing a documentary can provide the source material you need. While not many documentaries come through most main stream theaters, the few that do are usually critically acclaimed and very thought provoking.


All types of films are perfect for a date night. It all depends on what you and your date enjoy and what kind of first impression you want to make.


To learn more about date night movies, visit https://www.flixbrewhouse.com/round-rock


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