3 Easy Ways To Discover Which Movies Out Now Are Playing Near You



We are bombarded with news and information on a daily basis. Even the things we love such as music and movies come at us a mile a minute. We may not always have time to keep up on all the newest reviews or even know which movies are currently playing in which theaters, however, with the internet we can always quickly and easily look up with films are available in our area, complete with critic and audience reviews. Here are 3 easy ways to discover which movies out now are playing near you.


  1. Follow a favorite movie blog


There are many bloggers and writers who run their own movie review sites. If there is a particular genre you are interested in, i.e. video game movies and remakes, you just may be able to subscribe to a critic you trust. Otherwise, there are entertainment sections for online newspapers and the site Rotten Tomatoes which does an excellent job of aggregating critic reviews and audience reviews alike.


  1. Check in your local newspaper


Local newspapers are a great way to read about new releases and movies out now. Not only can you get the perspective of what your local critic and audience members thought of a film, you can usually comment and participate on comment forums as well. Most film sections even have links to dates and times of movies playing in your local area. How convenient!


  1. Check online review sites or the theater website


Many movie review sites such as IMDB and MetaCritic are available to help you sort through ratings for any movie you are curious about. These sites will even go back and rate movies from the past so you can see a historical timeline of rankings. Usually you can also go visit the website of the theater itself for information about the film as well as showing times.


With todays online capabilities it is easier than ever to get all the information you want on a particular flick and make the best choices possible.


To learn more about movies out now, visit Flixbrewhouse.com.


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