Three Cult Movies To Watch With Your Kids


Some films are simply works of art that for whatever reason touched the hearts and minds of viewers when they came out and then continued to do so for generations and generations to come. These movies developed cult followings and went beyond being classics, they became “cult films.” Here are three cult movies to watch with your kids.


  1. The Breakfast Club


The movie the continues to be a cathartic film for high school aged teenagers everywhere, The Breakfast Club tells the story of five students who are all sent to detention. At first they treat each other according to their own labels, self-assigned or given. They argue and bicker over little things. Later though, they realize they are more similar than they could have ever thought. As their detention comes to a close, so do their prejudices towards one another.


  1. The Sandlot


The Sandlot is another coming-of-age film, one of the best cult movies made for baseball fans. When Scotty Smalls wants to make friends and learn to play baseball, he befriends Benny “the jet” and becomes friends with a whole motley crew of baseball obsessed kids. However, problems start when their baseball, signed by Babe Ruth, gets hit into a backyard inhabited by The Beast. How will they explain that they lost the famous ball? Will they attempt to retrieve it and get eaten by the biggest dog they have ever seen? You will have to watch to find out.



  1. The Goonies


This next film can be a little scary for those who are too young, however it is the perfect blend of adventure and comedy with a little bit of mystery blended in. When a small group of pre-teens finds an old Spanish map that points to a hidden treasure, the group decides to embark upon the biggest adventure of their lives. They won’t be alone though. A sneaky criminal family is hot on their trails and wants the treasure all to themselves.


The cult films will continue to keep enchanting generations to come. Do yourself a favor and enjoy them again, with your family!


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